July 2020 Release 
March 2020 Release 


Payment method Carte Bancaire (CB) becomes a true Payment Method following the implementation of the European Regulation 2015/751.

Check out what you have to do for your eCommerce or DirectLink integration to comply to this rule.

March 2020 Release (04. 137)

TEST: 11 March 2020 | PROD: 20 May 2020 

Integration Integration


 The modalities of using parameter ALIASOPERATION have changed.

Before that, sending ALIASOPERATION=BYPSP could be used to prevent creating a new Alias if a card and / or Alias sent with a new transaction is already stored in our system. Due to PSD2-related regulations, this is no longer possible. As a consequence, the aforementioned scenario will result in the creation of multiple Aliases for the same card / customer.

Please check our Alias Manager documentation chapter 4.2 to get a detailled overview on the different scenarios and their outcome.

Interface Interface


In our January release we introduced a new safety function: Any user that has not logged on to our platform for more than 60 days will be put into status "inactive".

To further enhance this security feature, we have extended it to users that have never logged on. A user that has been created at any point in the past and has never logged on will also be deactivated after 60 days.

Please check our original release note via Support > Platform Releases > Release 04.136 for detailed information and how to reactivate inactive users.