1. Introduction

In this guide we explain you how to:

  • Register and set up your Paypage test account.
  • Create test transactions.

2. Test and Production

Paypage offers two platforms that work completely separately:

  • The test environment
  • The production (live) environment

Our test environment allows you to:

  • make test payments
  • change your account configuration
  • fine-tune the integration of our payment system into your website

Using your account and making transactions in the test environment is almost exactly the same as in the production (live) environment. The difference is that in "Test" there are no actual links with financial institutions (= no payments are processed), and you're not billed.

Once you go live (in production), you will start processing real payments. Therefore, we strongly advice you to use your test account to create test payments so that you get comfortable with the platform. This way you will also avoid making mistakes, such as linking your website to your test account instead of your production account.

The test and production environment can easily be distinguished:

  • In the various URLs (for each mode, in the back office, etc.):
    • https://secure.paypage.be/ncol/test/...
    • https://secure.paypage.be/ncol/prod/...
  • In the back office; the environment you've logged on to is indicated on several locations.
  • Also, the word "test" is mentioned in the various emails you receive while using your test account.

Platform releases:

  • Several times per year, Paypage publishes new versions of its platform, which we call releases.
  • This new release is first available in our test environment. After a couple of weeks we move the release to the production environment. This way, we allow you to test possible changes on our platform.
  • It also means that when there has been a new release, the test and production versions of our platform differ until the release has been moved to the production environment.
  • Each release is announced several weeks in advance in both the test and in the production environment.

3. Test transactions and their results

3.1 Test URLs

If you'd like to start performing test payments but haven't yet fully completed the integration into your website (when you choose an operation mode requiring integration, e.g. e-Commerce), you can do so from a test page on our server which represents the last page of your shopping basket.

The (hidden) fields that normally have to be initialised automatically by your application are displayed, initialised with default values. You can change these values (e.g. entering your own test PSPID) to simulate different cases/payments. The test page on our server for the mode you are working in is available in the “Test info” tab of your “Technical information” page.

If you've completed the integration on your website, you can perform the test payments from your website using the action URLs that can be found in the relevant documentation for the operation mode (e-Commerce, DirectLink etc.) you are using (e.g. https://secure.paypage.be/ncol/test/orderstandard.asp for e-Commerce).

3.2 Test cards

When you make test payments in the testing environment, you need to use a credit card number with a valid format.

You can use the VISA test card number 4111111111111111 with any expiry date in the future.

This card should only be used in the test environment. Please refer to the “Test info” tab on the Technical Information page for a list of test card numbers for other card brands.

3.3 Simulate results

As the transactions are not submitted to the acquirers/banks in the test environment, our system simulates transaction results depending on the payment amount or depending on a specific card number.

You can select which of the two methods you want to use in the “Test info” tab on the Technical information page, in the “Transaction result simulation” section.

Transaction result based on AMOUNT
Successful: 0 - 9000
AMOUNT x 100: 0 - 900000
Refused: > 9000
AMOUNT x 100: > 900000
Uncertain: 9999
AMOUNT x 100: 999900

Transaction result based on card number
Successful: Any other card number
Refused: 4111113333333333
Uncertain: 4111116666666666

3.4 Consult transaction results in the back office

After you've created a transaction, you can view the details in your Paypage account (the back office):

  1. Log on and click the "View transactions" link in the "Operations" menu.
  2. Enter your selection criteria. The first time, enable all the status boxes and leave the other fields with their default values.
  3. View the result list.

For more information go Use your Paypage account and Consult your transactions.