A Merchant Group is the grouping of different accounts (PSPIDs) under a single Group ID without the accounts losing their operational independence. It can be compared to gathering different folders together in a new super-folder.

The accounts that are grouped together do not have to be of the same type; you can put different solutions such as e-Commerce and Batch accounts together in a Group.

When you have several different accounts, it might be useful to group them together for commercial, administrative or technical reasons. We have listed the advantages of creating a group account below:

1. Billing

  • Invoicing: When you group your accounts, you can either be billed on the Group account (one bill with details for each sub-account) or receive a separate bill for each sub-account.
  • Pricing: All your transactions can also be totaled resulting in a higher transaction volume and consequently a lower price per transaction to pay. Please contact our Sales team for further details.

2. Account usage

  • Group login: When you have several different accounts which have been grouped together, you can log in as the Group administrator to have an overview of all your accounts at once without having to log into each account separately.
  • Transaction overview: You can obtain a full overview of all the transactions for your sub-accounts or view a specific sub-account to see only transactions for that PSPID.
  • Password distribution: If the administrator of one of your accounts loses or forgets his password, the administrator of the Group account can send him a new password. The administrator of the Group account can also send passwords to any of the sub-account's users.
  • User Manager: If you activate the User Manager option, you can set different user profiles for the users of the Group account. You can then, for example, create a Group account user that may only view the Group account and all its sub-accounts but is not permitted to make changes to the accounts.
  • Alias Manager: If you activate the Alias Manager option of your Group account, you can generate an Alias database that can be accessed by, and is common to, all your sub-accounts. That way, all your Alias information is centralized and you don’t need an Alias database for each sub-account. to request configuration of this option.
  • Fraud Detection Module: This module allows you to configure blacklists in one of your sub-accounts (PSPIDs) and make this blacklist configuration common to all your sub-accounts. and state the PSPID in which you have configured the blacklists and request configuration of this option.

3. Technical advantages

  • For certain products, there's a technical advantage to using a Group account since you can perform certain operations once using the Group ID instead of performing them for each sub-account separately.


You cannot create a Group yourself. We create the Group for you and attach all the necessary PSPIDs. If you have a new PSPID you would like to add to your Group in the future, please contact our Sales team.

We also have an “Account creation” option that allows merchants who need to create many new accounts for their Group to create and attach the accounts themselves to the Group. Please contact our Sales team for more information on this option.