Fraud Export Scoring is your answer to reduce any fraud risk. Our advanced technology provides you with a complete set of tools to overcome fraudulent activities.

Fraud Export Scoring uses technology from Fraud Expert Checklist and takes it a step further by allowing you to create extensive rule combinations that are uniquely adapted to fulfil your business needs. We do this by using a scoring system to assess the risk associated with a transaction. Based the score, you can automatically decide to block or accept a transaction. You can even add another round of detailed review for the same transaction through another automated procedure that determines whether you will ultimately block or accept it! If you are not sure how to handle particular transactions, our fraud experts can even assess and process for you. Thanks to our years of expertise, we will always be able to predict malicious behavior patterns and beat fraudsters before they strike.

This guide covers the functionalities that we offer our Fraud Export Scoring 

(FDMAs) solution.